sf connect“Erika is the most responsive, enthusiastic, and creative web content manager I have worked with. She changes and updates content quickly and accurately, without conveying a sense of panic or imposition. I really value her experience, advice and support on many organizational issues and strategies, in addition to her technical skills.”

Kari Harsel Gray, Event Coordinator
SF Connect


CollectiveRoots“Erika is a joy to work with. Her expertise is valued an versatile, and if there is something she doesn’t already know, she will promptly research it. She meets the deadlines, despite whatever challenges you throw her way. Erika is warm and professional in all her business dealings, and contact with her is likely to be one of the uplifting moments of your day. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!”

Wolfram Alderson, Executive Director
Collective Roots


Barbary Coast Consulting“MsJones Design have been a godsend for me. With quick, agile, and technologically apt focus on my company’s needs, MsJones has turned around Barbary Coast Consulting and SFUsualSuspects needs within hours – and for a fair cost. I’m always impressed with Erika’s technical abilities, and her ability to translate from Liberal Arts-speak to HTML is continuously amazing. I am consistently glad I chose her to become webmistress for Barbary Coast and Suspects.”

Alex Clemens, President
Barbary Coast Consulting


gay sonoma“Thanks to Erika’s stunningly innovative and wonderfully interactive design and implementation of We the People’s website, our modest news outlet has been propelled into the Twenty-first Century. We the People has received numerous raves from our readers and traffic to our site has increased two-fold in the short time since the launch. Erika was a pleasure to work with during the design phase and her outstanding customer service continues with her acting as Web Master.”

Gary Carnivele, Editor


Firstand10“Firstand10 Marketing works with the top names in online marketing such as Yahoo, MSN and Google. We have used MsJones Design for web and advertising design. She produces creative and effective advertising with excellent click through rates. Erika is organized and quick to turn around excellent products. Her prices are reasonable and she has a great attitude.”

Ron Ossip, CEO
Firstand10 Marketing